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Psychotherapy In English

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

During individual psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions, the patient is encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. The therapist becomes a guide in the journey of self-discovery. The patient has the opportunity to identify and understand the sources of their problems, enabling the development of healthier defense mechanisms and better coping with life challenges. Through profound analysis, the patient can uncover their needs, concerns, and life goals.

  • Interpersonal Issues: Psychodynamic therapy is effective for individuals experiencing difficulties in relationships, helping them identify and work through harmful behavioral patterns.
  • Past Traumas: With different kinds of past traumas therapy will help you to process them and elliaviate their impact on your daily life.
  • Depression and Anxiety: Therapy supports patients dealing with depression and anxiety, allowing them to comprehend the roots of their issues and develop healthier coping strategies for their emotions.
  • Personal Development: Individuals interested in better understanding themselves and their life goals can benefit from psychotherapy, aiding in the exploration of deeper layers of their personality.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Psychodynamic therapy adjusts to individual needs, supporting patients in increasing self-awareness and functioning better in daily life.

Sessions begin with a series of 5 diagnostic meetings to identify difficulties, determine expectations and capabilities, and prepare a treatment plan for the patient. Each session lasts from 45 to 50 minutes. The session fee is 200 PLN.

Systemic Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, the systemic approach plays a significant role, focusing on understanding relationships as complex dynamic systems. A systemic therapist analyzes the relationship as a whole, examining the mutual interactions between partners, their families, and the broader social environment. This approach assumes that relationship issues often stem from larger contexts, such as culture, values, or family histories.

During couples therapy grounded in the systemic approach, the therapist helps partners identify behavioral patterns that recur in their relationship. Analyzing these patterns enables an understanding of how interactions between partners affect the entire relationship system. The systemic therapist encourages exploring how each decision and action taken by one partner influences the other, aiding in identifying areas requiring change. It also allows a better understanding of the roles partners play in their relationship, assisting in breaking rigid roles and creating space for more flexible and healthy interactions.

Ultimately, a therapist working within the systemic approach helps the couple understand that their relationship is part of a larger system, and changes in one part of this system can affect the whole. The therapist supports partners in exploring these relationships, promoting openness and flexibility, which can lead to more harmonious and satisfying interactions in the future.

A couples therapy session lasts from 50 minutes to an hour and costs 280 PLN.

Psychotherapists working in English

Teresa Stadnik

She is an experienced Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples. She is a registered member of the British Psychoanalytic Council and adhere to its ethical code of practice.

She has worked with couples struggling, for example, with life changing moments, such as starting a family, parenting, affairs, separation/divorce or bereavement. She has also worked with couples who found it hard to communicate, who felt there was something missing in their relationship, felt misunderstood by their partner or were stuck in their challenging dynamics.

She gained her experience working one to one at community counselling services and in private practice. She has worked with a variety of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, illness and death, spiritual issues, different kinds of trauma and relationship difficulties.

Training and qualification

  • Certificate in Relational Counselling, Relate, London

  • MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Birkbeck College, University of London

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